Running sendy on nginx – sendy nginx rules

Sendy┬álets you send newsletters for very cheap. It’s a self-hosted script that works off of Amazon AWS.

Sendy's a marketer's wet dream

Sendy’s a marketer’s wet dream

Sendy comes with instructions for setting up on apache. I had to recently setup sendy on a subdirectory called “mailer” on nginx.

These are the rules I came up with:

The important parts to consider are these lines which let sendy operate flawlessly:


1 thought on “Running sendy on nginx – sendy nginx rules

  1. Kiai

    Hi Kailash,

    I have an nginx ssl proxy with varnish and apache2 and it won’t work with sendy so I am trying to figure out how to add a block to the nginx config to serve the sendy directory directly from nginx without proxying.

    See the question here:

    Do you know how to do this? I have tried adding a location block but it just gives me 404 errors, I have php5-fpm and I’ve tested it fine on another domain so I must be getting the config wrong.



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